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Double-sided Reflow Incense Burner

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This beautifully crafted incense burner is designed to bring a calming and relaxing atmosphere to your living or working space by allowing the incense smoke to flow smoothly downward in mesmerizing patterns.

Made with high-quality ceramic material and expertly crafted by craftsmen, this incense burner is durable, long-lasting and adds an aesthetic appeal to any room. It features a unique backflow waterfall design that creates a stunning and captivating smoke flow.


  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Style: Rustic

Package Includes:

  • Double-sided Reflow Incense Burner * 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Roseanne J
Serenity in Motion!

Watching the smoke flow from both sides of the burner is mesmerizing. The Double-Sided Reflow Incense Burner brings serenity in motion, adding a touch of magic to my relaxation time.

Doris B
Versatile and Beautiful!

I love the versatility of this incense burner. The Double-Sided Reflow Incense Burner not only works with different types of incense but also doubles as a beautiful decorative piece.

Winnie J
Soothing Aromatherapy!

The Double-Sided Reflow Incense Burner is perfect for soothing aromatherapy. The elegant design allows me to enjoy multiple scents, creating a calming and blissful atmosphere in my space.